[Game Dev 5]
Operation Citadel
by Valentin Lievre

About Valentin:

I’m 21, been studying programming for about 2 years now, got hooked up right from the beginning with the world of game development, started by making a console DND-like game, then discovered Unity and understood the true potential lying in my hands. So last year, in October, I discovered a game called “Panzer Corps”, that you probably know, and I loved it.

I played non-stop for days, and truly got inspired by the genre of wargame. So I know this isn’t true wargaming, it is not simulation, but it is real fun ! And so here I was, inspired, went head on with very little planning, and started programming.

Fast forward to March of this year, OC (short for Operation CItadel) got released on Steam in Early Access. More fast forward, 1st of September, game left Early Access.

So what’s so special about this game ? And why should you care about it ?
– Because it has many built in and intuitive editors allowing you to change the game to your liking (Map editor, tile editor, country editor, unit editor).
– Because almost all 500 people who own it loved it (Feel free to read their reviews)
– Because I am more than active on the development, I released over a hundred updates since the game’s released on steam.
– OC covers all WWII fronts, from the Pacific to Europe.
– Has over 800 units.
– Has a dynamic weather and season system, changing by themselves over time and impacting the gameplay.
– Features a branched campaign for all major countries of the war.
– Has handmade hexes and units with a unique look.
– Because it has deep mechanics, but still is user-friendly.
– Because it’s a 2 grown-up teenager team, and not a AAA studio.
– I am working with someone who would help me set up an online cross platform PBEM service.

– And because there is a working workshop on Steam, allowing people to upload and share their creations with others !

Map editor – Eastern Front:                                          In combat:

Game is available on ALL platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android) which is a great plus.

You can buy the game via the following links:

Steam: Steam – Operation Citadel

Apple Store: Apple Store: Operation Citadel

Google Play Store: Google Play Store – Operation Citadel

Discord Community: Join their Discord Community!