Trance / EDM / Dance Music
Electronic Dance Music, Dance, Trance and Hardcore playlist till 06:00
80/90/New Music Playlist
80’s, 90’s and new music from the last few years till 10:00

RadioDragonHammer Promoted Music Playlist
Music from the bands who mailed their music to us and we share it with the world!
Pop, Rock, Metal and many more genres are mailed and we are still open for new music!
10:00 till 14:00 new bands, new music!
Show Replay / Replay Shows Playlist
Recorded shows from the dj’s who has been live in the last couple of weeks for the people who missed the show!
14:00 till 18:00
Rock / Metal Playlist
Many rock and metal songs through the years for all your headbanging music!
18:00 till 00:00

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